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All Natural

Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon Underarm & Full-Leg Waxing 7

What is ORGANIC?

It’s a term that’s so ubiquitous, it’s hard to pin down exactly what it means. So let us help you clarify—organic means that the product or service you are using has not been touched by any chemical and is all-natural.

Is it actually better?


Here’s why…

Waxing is a very delicate, sometimes painful, process that opens up your skin’s pores—which means it can leave you very exposed to harmful chemicals that can wreak havoc on your skin. By choosing an establishment that offers all-natural and organic hair-removal solutions, you minimize the chances of experiencing irritation or allergies because…

  • All organic waxing ingredients (like the specially formulated ethyl alcohol made from pure sugar cane that we use) protect your skin from potential allergens and irritants present in most chemical ingredients.
  • Organic waxes, particularly sugar wax, which we use in Hey Sugar!, help prevent ingrown hairs.
  • The sugar wax we use removes the hair by the root and soothes the skin afterwards, creating a sweeter and more effective waxing experience which represent years of product development and process improvement.
  • Sugar wax is tailored just for you—all-natural waxing was created solely for removing human hair, thus it is ideally suited to waxing any part of the body, including the sensitive groin area.
  • Anything that you put on your skin will eventually end up in your blood, which we all know, travels throughout your body. Thus, the less interaction your skin has with chemicals, means healthier blood and a healthier body.


You not only get and see better results but you also end up maintaining your health.

See for yourself by dropping by a Hey Sugar! branch near you.