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About Hey Sugar!

Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon Underarm & Full-Leg Waxing 8

Who we are

Hey Sugar! was created as an answer for the need to have an organic and all-natural waxing option in the city. You’ll notice that this is what sets us apart. When you start nourishing your skin with certified organic products, you slowly rid yourself of toxins that can cause bitter side effects.

Hey Sugar! is not only an option, it’s the ONLY option. We follow the strictest hygienic guidelines, keep your privacy a top priority and conduct services in the most discreet and professional way possible.


Making Waxing A Sweet Experience

At the start of each service, the skin is prepped through gentle cleaning using a specially-formulated ethyl alcohol which is made from pure sugar cane. Afterwards, we apply cornstarch, which helps get rid of extra oil and gives the skin extra protection. Then, fresh wax made from 100% sugar is poured into a new cup (which we immediately toss out when your session is over). We never double dip. Each service is finished off with a smooth application of virgin coconut oil to help soothe the skin and lessen the chances of irritation.

Our aestheticians are expertly trained to answer all your questions, so feel free to have a conversation with them about what you want or what you want to know. You can expect them to be warm and reassuring (yes, even to first timers who come in with nerves.)

Everything about Hey Sugar! is designed to make your waxing experience as comfortably sweet and easy as possible.