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Don’t Panic, It’s Organic


There are serious concerns over the use of cosmetic chemicals and the toxicity it poses for yourself and the environment. But you don’t have to choose between ethics and aesthetics—particularly for beauty regimens that you prefer to entrust to professionals.

The attention the world has shown for organic products has paved the way for brands to think intelligent, sustainable and all-natural. The tricky factor has always been making it affordable. But Hey Sugar! is proudly home to a winning combination of great service and an all-organic philosophy that’s accessible to women (and men).

Hey Sugar! uses only chemical-free and (whenever possible) fair-trade ingredients for all its products. Services are delivered amid a thoughtfully decorated salon, where their client’s comfort and privacy are prioritized. From organic waxing products to the impeccably maintained tools of the trade, everything about Hey Sugar! was designed to deliver its all-natural credentials and pampering in mind.

So relax, choose from our menu of services and rest easy knowing that it’s all chemical-free.

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